Freedom Cells are peer to peer groups organizing themselves in a decentralized manner with the collective goal of asserting the sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.


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In the beginning small groups can work together to accomplish goals such every group member having storable food, encrypted communication, a bug out plan, and ensuring participants have access to firearms and know how to use them safely and proficiently. All the while, cell members make themselves readily available to render mutual aid to their tribe, in whatever form that may come.

Groups then begin to encourage the creation of other small groups while existing cells organize themselves into decentralized larger groups. Like the smaller groups, the larger groups too have the common aim of asserting the collective sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.

Through building and supporting alternatives such as local food networks, health services, mutual defense groups, and peer to peer economies and communication networks, Freedom Cells will be better able to discconnect and decouple themselves from state institutions they deem unworthy of their support.

Once groups become large enough in numbers, it becomes quite possible for participants to opt out in mass and entrust to themselves the securing of their liberty."


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Latin: coeō
Pronunciation: /’ko.e.o:/
Meaning: assemble, meet, come together, unite, come together as a whole


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