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The End Of The U.S Empire Is Here Published on [...]

Lower Broadheath, Worcestershire
via The Full Circle Project
thanks for posting this man. very helpful
Tuesday 6 October 2015, 13:59:17
Peter E
My pleasure Shambo. Luke is one of the best in the "Alternative Media News" scene.
Tuesday 6 October 2015, 22:40:15
Wednesday 7 October 2015, 11:02:34
Does anyone believe anything that any "world leader" presents as fact? Not me said the little red hen. They see their house of cards tumbling and go to the ever popular WAR to bring everyone back to the fold.
Wednesday 7 October 2015, 11:09:31
Sadly, the end of the US-centered empire is intended to be the transition step to a global techno-feudal system of extreme control. Working together we can derail this plan. The first step is to understand the technocracy construct and facades hiding it.
Wednesday 7 October 2015, 18:01:39
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