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Regency ward open chat: Hi Guy's I'm Tony and would [...]

Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove
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Regency ward open chat: Hi Guy's I'm Tony and would love to connect up with like minded people in the Brighton area. This new "tool" will allow others to find each other as well as connect up and make the changes we need to see in this world. Please connect up with me and let me know you would like to meet up. Let's get this done shall we? Face Book is… Web Site (Serious researchers only) and all the other fluffy stuff we can go into later. Hope to connect with you all soon! Kindest Regards Tone.
Sally S
Hello everyone
yes lets arrange a meet as soon as we can to start this ball rolling. Warmest wishes Sally Singer
Sunday 8 June 2014, 09:13:58
Hello all -- I've very recently signed up just copying what I've just written to Tony (?) in response to his connection request. Thanks!

Hello To******!
I've been very interested to see this website (indeed I was interested enough to sign up). It has parallels with something else I've looked into (albeit that I've only looked into it superficially up to now). The idea of meeting up with similarly-minded people locally and just talking to begin with is great though. I'll copy and paste this into the Regency "chat box".
Sunday 15 June 2014, 14:28:52
Sally S
Hi There Gavin
Sorry late reply. Looks like there are only 3 of us presently in this area and presently Tony is away. Would be good to meet up anyway and have a chat. Cheers Sally
Tuesday 17 June 2014, 10:03:30
Sally S
Hiya Gavin
Some of us are meeting this Sunday in Brighton to have a chat about Reset. Would you like to come it will be between 1 & 3 for a couple of hours, unsure of venue presently...I know its short notice but hope you can come along. Sally S
Thursday 26 June 2014, 11:10:45
Sally S
Hiya Gavin...sounds like fun...the singing 3 songs bit...Yes it should work out..where abouts are you...presently as i said i dont know the exact venue or precise time., we might not meet till 3ish evn so it would work out for you...i do hope so...anyways I will keep you informed as to exact times...don't even know how many people will accept presently cos only spoke with tahra about this this morning. Hope to see you., warmest Sally
Thursday 26 June 2014, 12:27:28
Sally S
Hi folks
Would you please confirm if you wish to attend the meeting this Brighton at the Iron Duke Pub in Waterloo Street @ is limited so as i'm a bit of a worry bug I neeed to dont want to have to turn people away. Thanks Sally S
Friday 27 June 2014, 10:18:05
Hi Sally, I'll be able to make it to the Iron Duke for 3pm. Are you using their back room? There's also their breakfast room that might be available rather than the main front of the pub.
Friday 27 June 2014, 13:48:41
Sally S
I Gavin....The Lounge is the one they said waqs available...I could check the breakfast room...does it hold more than 20/25 do you know
Friday 27 June 2014, 18:17:05
Sally S
And yes i think its the back room
Friday 27 June 2014, 18:17:23
Hello again -- the back room is quite big (bigger than the breakfast room). Not sure what the seating is like these days, although they do use it as a small theatre so I imagine it has a stage and seating.
Friday 27 June 2014, 19:09:15
Sally S
well tehy told me there was a theatre and a lounge...i went for the lounge at the theatre is booked from 6 i think and we may over run..infact it seems certain....however there are stirrings of wanting to find a new venue if more than 25 turn up....Unsure of the possibility of this in such short space of time...this meeting arose out of a conversation Tahra Ahmed and i had yesterday morning....and has grown a little...I would like at this stage to hold it at 20/25 and stay with iron Duke as time is sooooo short and I dont have it to find another free venue at such short notice and dont want to mess Iron Duke around
Friday 27 June 2014, 19:17:44
Sally S
Friday 27 June 2014, 19:18:38
Maybe what I referred to as the "Breakfast Room" is the "Lounge". I think you're right at this stage just to try and keep it to these sorts of numbers given how little notice you've had. If it's successful then with more preparation time a larger venue could be found. Don't want you being put under undue pressure!
Friday 27 June 2014, 21:04:00
Sally S
yes I agree...Look forward to meeting you
Saturday 28 June 2014, 14:13:40
Sally S
Hi Gavin....did you recall the name of the book you were talking about know on community/s.....the one you said you hadnt read yet and we agrreed natalie too that weshould all read it. Great to meet you yesterday
Monday 30 June 2014, 17:45:44
Hello Sally!
July has been unexpectedly busy but hopefully we can meet up again soon.
Thursday 24 July 2014, 07:43:06
Sally S
Hi Gavin, good to hear from you. I've had a very busy few weeks as well, but was actually thinking yesterday about us all getting together again. len would be in the Worthing group....but it could be you, myself, Suzannah Cat, Kellie and the other lady Jennie and and Natalie but I dont think she's actually signed up as yet.....Oh and there was a person in a wheelchair called Miriam that couldnt get in last time so must include here. Lets speak next week and arrange a get together Yes? My telephone number is 01273 773437 & Mob. 07980472102. Bye for now Sally
Thursday 24 July 2014, 10:07:44
Hello Sally,
Thanks for the message. I'm away from Wed 30 July to Mon 11 August, and again from Fri 29 Aug to Thu 4 Sep.
The weekends of 16/17 and 23/24 Aug are looking fine though (best for me would be either Sat 16 or Sun 24).
Best wishes,
Monday 28 July 2014, 15:35:35
Sally S
Hi Gavin., sorry late reply....been on over load. Max Igan is in Lewes on Sat. 6th Sept.....and apparently loves The Reset...and is up for a meeting with Reset folk on Sunday 7th....would you be able to come a long?
Thursday 28 August 2014, 08:32:49
Sunday 25 October 2015, 15:48:55
Sally S
Hi Tom great that you connected to this platform... see ya soon x
Monday 26 October 2015, 18:25:01
Tom C
thanks Sally, I guess the next step is to add a few people to my circle?
Tuesday 27 October 2015, 19:06:08
Sally S
Yes thats the idea Tom... people who would like to see some sort of change on the planet and would like to develop some community coherence
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 20:43:33
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