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Struggling to find motivated people in my area. The good news [...]

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Struggling to find motivated people in my area.

The good news is that I have met a lot of awakened people - people from all walks of life in all sectors and 'professions'. I tend to crash public meetings and announce that all efforts are futile in a world that works against them. So far, so good. I get handshakes by members of the public (including council members, organisers, doctors etc. So, what's happening as a result?

Instead of people becoming motivated, they simply default to the mainstream policies and carry on. In fact, most of the 'activists' I meet (who have been awakened for some years) have become so demoralised that they have accepted the mainstream narrative and have re-embraced it in an attempt to 'save their sanity'. Those who used to talk about the corruption of society are now only talking about pay-rises and negotiating college training courses to get them up the ladder of a corporation. It's very disappointing.

Online, there is the usual hub of debate over whether 9/11 was carried out by aliens or energy rays, the specifics of freemasonry induction, and the reason why we now live on a flat earth. Not exactly 'progressive' and certainly not relevant to anything of importance.

As the 'movement of awakening' switches from debating politics to debating the temperatures required to melt steel, I am finding myself in a world full of distracted, unmotivated drones. Of course, as soon as the 'awakened' are challenged as to why they are sitting around waiting for Jesus to arrive or the economy to collapse, they simply reply with the default programming that has indoctrinated them...'fuck off you government shill' etc.

It seems the 'awakened' are simply becoming a mirror image of their original selves. They are spending hours every day on social media, watching unreliable documentaries and arguing with themselves. Has anything really changed? No, not really.

So, where to go from here. Is there anyone local to Bristol that is interested in coming up with a plan that involves more than pasting links on Facebook?
[deleted user]
Like your post james I agree action is required I've been chomping at the bit to get into it and make waves but we can't go alone we need unity and numbers would be a plus there is only 3000 of us on here and of those only a few would be willing to be active I've been advised by mat the site administrator to be patient but I'm still frustrated about lack of action keep in touch bud and let's see where we go ✊
Tuesday 27 October 2015, 20:19:24
Alex D
I joined Simon Parkes connecting consciousness group.…
Tuesday 27 October 2015, 22:33:47
James L
Cheers guys, yes we'll see what happens when the numbers grow on here, which I am sure they will.
Tuesday 27 October 2015, 23:37:12
I disagree we need unity, that's just another reason to wait. The Village I live in just voted to dissolve, because the people have been told by the STATE that their taxes will go down, leaving the STATE in control. I start today going house to house to get the rest of the people to vote and hopefully change the irreversible decision(we have one more chance to change our minds) Talk about dis-illusion, these folk are giving up their voice for a promise from the STATE. Stand up yourself, refuse to pay the pirate, cajole others into questioning their worlds. If someone is enlightened surely defeat is not in their vocabulary. The only time I get down is when I doubt myself, and what a silly waste of energy that is!
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 08:27:46
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