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Riversway ward open chat: I'll wait a while..!. I'll be [...]

Preston, Lancashire
via The re-set
Riversway ward open chat: I'll wait a while..!. I'll be veryinterested to meet folks in the area with similar views.
Hi folks, I have just opened a group on Face book for the 'Preston Chapter' of the reset . I think it will be easire to comunicate that way..

Looking forward to getting this beast off the ground !!

Tuesday 10 June 2014, 11:20:18
Tuesday 10 June 2014, 11:20:41
Hi Guys, not sure who this is getting to but we are going to have a little meeting with 'whoever wants to come' at an as yet unresolved place in Preston ... If you are interested please let me know.
In fact in you recieve this please let me know! We are still in 'test flight' mode !
Thursday 12 June 2014, 23:35:03

Talk about god timing... !
Thursday 12 June 2014, 23:38:45
The address of a new face book page for Preston the re set group!…

Friday 13 June 2014, 09:36:29
Is any one receiving this message? (Ed).
Thursday 19 June 2014, 14:03:10
Hi folks, I'm Ed Collins from Preston. I am calling a meeting at Riverside cafe in Avenham Park Preston for this Saturday 10 am. I see the numbers are raising rapidly, it is time for us all to say HI!
Thursday 19 June 2014, 14:19:07
It's a grand day 3 up to now! 'B there or b square!!

Saturday 21 June 2014, 10:00:15
----------------------first meeting !------------------------

Great first meeting, thanks to Fran for the venue! Good coffee and fab bacon butties! Interesting chats, even a rant from one member!

All present voted to meet at the same venue 10 am on the 5th July.
Saturday 21 June 2014, 12:32:48
who can read this?
Sunday 22 June 2014, 07:38:58
Hi Ed, I had an email this morning, telling me I had a connect request fro Karen. The default map search was 5 miles, so I increased it to the max, 15 miles. Wow! Take a peek at how many members we have, within 15 miles!
Wednesday 25 June 2014, 12:01:43
hi vulcan! I only have it on 15 miles !! lol and yes we are growing ! extrapolate for the UK and wow !!
Wednesday 25 June 2014, 12:25:39
bang on Mr Vulcan, just working on a reminder & re the invite plus a hi to the new folk... !
Monday 30 June 2014, 21:27:17
Well, what a week end!

I was invited down the 250 miles to visit resets originator Ray, and his associates... Tony, Tahra ,Matt, Gail and the two ladies from Chorley who put together the first group of ten in any Parish.... Guest speaker, was a Ms Mell B... (More about her at the meeting)...

To say it was invigorating would be to understate the situation..

At the meetings was Matt, our main problem... purely because of his skills at making websites ... we have been accused of sponsorship from none other than Soros... LOL !

The vegetarian food was made by us in the household kitchen and we all chipped in to the excellent fare by putting money into a cup...

The web site and in particular the ability for you to put your ideas into it for the attention of other reset members was under discussion ...

We are building a system, the members decide. what is important...

There is to be a ‘temperature testing’ section installed... items of your interest will have sliding scales, and, as folk vote we can see if we (all of us) are interested in some thing and also gauge what importance is to be attached to the subject.

Matt is incredible. He attended the meeting just after a 70 mile bike ride! He’s an ‘iron man contestant’ and one very bright bloke! Physics degree, buoyant in his nature.

We have a bit of a bombshell that Gail is trying to resolve into some thing we can all digest... Hopefully at the time of the meeting she will have enough of a handle on it that it can be presented coherently.

Whist at the meeting I met Donna and Karen... two ladies very skillful in organizing communities to be self sufficient... they are the girls who created the first team of ten ‘reseters’ in a parish... !!

So this next Saturday on the 5th July @ 10 am we will meet where we held the first reset meeting on record...!

The Riverside cafe in Avenham Park Preston....

Please excuse this standard mail, we (Poor Matt) is working on a mail box system instead of having to open you ‘connected’ tabs to see what is going on...

Kindest regards to all Ed Collins.
Monday 30 June 2014, 22:06:28
Hi Ed, reading you strength 5, loud and clear!
Hugely enjoyed sitting listening to your 'little boy' vibrance, after your historic visit to my old stomping-ground! I am trying to beg, borrow, steal, or as a last resort, buy a bike, to get to the meeting.
one way or another, i will endevour to make it.
V for Vulcan
Tuesday 1 July 2014, 22:02:18
Hi V... looking forward to it 'V'!!
Tuesday 1 July 2014, 23:11:56
Cap'n Ed, I will endevour to go easy on the grape juice tonight, in order to 'turn to' on the morrow. let's hope there's a 'good gate on'
Friday 4 July 2014, 21:33:14
hope your diligence paid off V !!
Saturday 5 July 2014, 09:02:51
So glad you called round, and spent a pleasant hour or so, enjoying a chat, and a brew, on my poop-deck, Cap'n Ed. You are always welcome.
Just one thing, if I'm not in sight, and the ship is a rockin', don't bother knockin!
Wednesday 9 July 2014, 19:56:55
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