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Macclesfield Hurdsfield ward open chat: Hello Re-set people of Macclesfield! [...]

Macclesfield, Cheshire East
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Macclesfield Hurdsfield ward open chat: Hello Re-set people of Macclesfield! Perhaps we could arrange to meet up at some point? What do you think? N
I don't know if the messaging system works on this - Matt I did receive your 'Hi!' the other day but couldn't do anything about it I guess it must be still work in progress. Anyway, good people of Macclesfield, we have received a very rushed 'vote now' to post by the 28 July. I don't know much but I have the feeling this is a power grab from the council and it isn't good for people power at local parish level should the vote go for a bigger setup. So please call the Council (0300 123 5016) and ask them why this is happening now and in such a sneaky way i.e. when people are on their jollies. The video link below is very interesting and shows what could be done if we kick apathy out and get involved locally. At local level we can change things, such as Fracking, corporate abuse, control our policing... no more CCTV, anything as long as we can get people to democratically participate… - we all know something is wrong, look at all the perversity in parliament. We can’t let this carry on any longer. This happens because us good people have let it happen. Parish Council may not be the only solution but it is one that we the people can use to our advantage, we should not let the Council take that away from us, at least not without a fight. Thanks, N
Friday 11 July 2014, 07:37:36
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