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The Masses Don't Need To Be Saved Or Rescued - [...]

Eaton, Northern Territory
via The Full Circle Project
The Masses Don't Need To Be Saved Or Rescued - People Need Knowledge Of Their Own Power As A Spiritual Being In Human Form And How To Access It Within Their Inner Self. We all need to just be sovereign, authentic and living from the heart deep in our core soul essence. KISFM METHOD: Keep it Simple For the Masses as we have to remember when dealing with people we are not dealing with creatures of logic but creatures of emotion. If we keep this in mind then it enables us to effectively get through to them quicker and easier. Just my logic and method of delivery. There is a reason the controllers use emotion to enslave us, they know so it only makes sense to me or the most logical method in my mind is to use their own weapon in a positive manner with the right intensions to reverse the attack or counter punch with same method because we know it works. Why reinvent the wheel and complicate a simple process.
This is enough to create the personal vibration we need to release into the universe for others to draw from to awaken themselves. This is enough for the ones that can't be active or know where to start to contribute, just work on you using this concept and 3 billion or so people doing this will have a major impact on the natural universal consciousness evolution that is taking place to awaken the rest of humanity. One can do this in their home or nature without computers and or technology where the masses are trapped and mesmorised by an overload of rabbit holes and info which is hard for most peoples minds to process and comprehend. This further confuses them and they just go freeze mode like a deer in head lights, can;t move or do anything about it......Thoughts anyone??
Hi AOV. very true, that line about accessing the Inner Self. Seems to me that we can stand up together with Life right now and launch a spearhead of effective action. The 'braves' amongst us who have experienced their 'dark night of the soul' and come thru it full of courage would in this way lead by example and those who wish to see can step up with us. At the FCP we aim to provide some sharp and practical tools to cut through the fabricated confusion and pierce the veil of illusion which is in the process of ripping itself apart. Like you's a simple process....
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 22:41:25
Audi One Vision
Lula - Thank you for the very professional diplomatic response and I love the way you really take care in the wording used when you write to ensure the right perception and ideology of FCP is being conveyed to the the community and the world. I tend to say it as it comes out of my heart and soul rather than premeditating what to write in my mind as to not offend or send the wrong message. You would be a great media and public relations manager from my recruitment experience I have sourced and hired a few in my time and they have very similar qualities sending you love energy vibration frequency
Wednesday 8 July 2015, 18:33:41
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