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thought I would share something I just posted my site [...]

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thought I would share something I just posted my site I could have titled it PRACTICAL MAGIC
Alpha and Omega

In terms of your personal experience time is a field shaped like an X

X The center of the X is where you are and have always been at the center of 4D spacetime, A cone of possibility is in front of you and the past is ALSO a widening possibility field behind. Yes the past is changeable from your personal experience. Add in a new understanding of your past experience and the past is changed. Most people consider time to be LINEAR as in one possibility ahead and behind as a static line of experiences and is unchangeable and that is basically a belief in FATE. Belief in fate is a trap. Belief in fate is a way to kill off your magical power. Most western astrologers are less fate oriented but the Vedic astrologers are more linear and fate oriented from my experience.

I consider the center of the X to be stationary and immortal in the present and the future comes to the observer rather than the observer moving anywhere.. Out further in the felid is a broader set of possibilities that may manifest and the closer to the focal point in the NOW the greater the possibility field narrows as almost 100% certain which is why people think in terms of fate. In the few seconds in front of you it is very much like fate but the further out in the "future" is very much a set of possible and not a certainty. Got it?

Astrology can show us what is ahead (what is coming) out in the future possibility field. I can go out a day a week a year or a decade and see the astrological energies that in my world are increasing and negating certain possible experiences that are the unmanifested energies at specific points in the "future". Astrology indicates WHEN a certain possible is more likely. The WHY is a human consciousness factor.. Human free will and magic either conscious or unconscious is the installing of the possible out ahead and that thought form energy clumps up at spots where the astrological factor is open to it. The WHY part is free will. Most people do NOT use it much. They just mindlessly <sarc> create mental images and charge them with emotion and those accumulate often like monsters at some point so the astro and the thought forms "come home to roost". For the unconscious this feels like FATE and they have no idea why shit came down on them . Many people consider it "gods will".. LOL they don't know who god is. The so called law of attraction is a way to bring certain possibles into your personal reality and is a form of MAGIC. The huge problem for LOA people is they don't usually have a clue as to WHEN without knowing any astrology. Not knowing WHEN is dangerous because pushing on a string at a time that is inappropriate for a specific outcome is at best wasting energy. Worst case can be disastrous for them and those around them.

So a good understanding of astrology AND magic is a requirement if you are going to manage the personal time field you were put here to learn how to use. For the conscious experience of being an "enlightened" person it requires wisdom. Using only one X factor alone is a futile endeavor which is bound to be much more unfulfilling and that is why the world is in such a mess. When you know how to both WHEN and WHY at once you are in a sense knowing how to run the "equipment" on a 5th Dimensional consciousness level. This world is full of people who do not know how to run the equipment and they manifest a LOT of what they do not want.

In a nutshell.. You can do magic if you know when to focus your intentions when the astrological possibility field makes it a strong possibility. If you do that sit back and watch MAGIC HAPPEN.

One of my astro twins Gerry Beckley wrote this..
LOL.. "your the one that can put out the fire"…

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