Status #624

If we are currently going through a consciousness frequency shift [...]

Eaton, Northern Territory
via The Full Circle Project
If we are currently going through a consciousness frequency shift via a natural universal evolution process and getting stronger and stronger during 2015 to assist the universal frequency shift of humanity by light energy frequency coming into out atmosphere through our ozone layer and down to us as a reseptor for this light and frequency to enable this shft to occur, whilst the enemy understands and knows this process is happening and doing everything they can to prevent it through visible and unvisible means, does anyone connect this to geoengineering to diflect or repel this light frequency from reaching us by using toxic chemicals and metals etc that make us sick or hurt us in the process rather than the beliefs and approach of understanding why they are spraying the skies, does anyone else think about how this spraying also coinside with other theories relating to why the other planets are freaking out and warmimg up from escalating temperatures and or heat from a light souce coming towards earth and the planets near to earth, whilst considering why the conspiracy of global warmimg exists in that mix.....?????
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