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Hello everybody! I'm thinking of methods to participate in waking [...]

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Hello everybody!
I'm thinking of methods to participate in waking up the people around me. Talk does not simply work, i need to take action. Therefore i have been planning to shift my musical expression towards ultimate truth and love.
I mainly make rap/hiphop music, but i have been making different stuff over the years. I was thinking if you guys could help me with some inspiration for the lyrics? I mean the concept/idea/theme og some of the tracks i'll be recording. It gets complicated and confusing just to pick a rabbit hole and write about it. I need to try and connect the dots and bring the full picture for my listeners. Please leave a comment if you have any ideas.

And if you should be interested in listening to my music, i will provide links to my YouTube channel and BandCamp profile. Keep in mind: my native toungue is danish, but i can easily express my self in english also.

Let's get the response rolling, shall we?…
hat's some beautiful music my friend, thanks for sharing and I wish you success in reaching a wide audience with your meaningful words. peace always
Saturday 11 July 2015, 20:05:48
Hi Timur!..listened to 3songs of yours without really understanding the lyrics yet still really enjoyed the music...your talent speaks/raps for itself! I can only suggest multilingual to spread the word evenly otherwise I can't imagine you need any help in finding your way if you are as determined about change as you are with your music...held og lykke!
Saturday 11 July 2015, 23:05:35
Tak :-)
Sunday 12 July 2015, 14:47:58
You are probably both right. I will do my best!
Sunday 12 July 2015, 14:50:10
Mikael Cromsjo
Nice! I would love to work on some lyrics.
Tuesday 14 July 2015, 09:51:07
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