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London, Greater London
via The Full Circle Project
Hi Kioki, my experience of transformation is that it occurs in many stages over a lifetime. I have experienced the fat caterpillar stage more than once or twice and I have been the carefree and beautiful butterfly many. many times. I've learned that every stage is necessary and meaningful on our journey.
Tuesday 3 November 2015, 20:19:28
Hey weareone!...totally with you on the continual transformation on our own journey
Thursday 5 November 2015, 09:25:03
..and always very inspiring words from Alan Watts!..hope each skin we shed/change eventually brings us closer to who we are, eh!..peace
Thursday 5 November 2015, 09:29:22
Thursday 5 November 2015, 09:43:00
Thanks for the Allan Watts video.
Thursday 5 November 2015, 19:25:01
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