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Usury, Interest is in my view the source of all [...]

Mont-Royal, Québec
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Usury, Interest is in my view the source of all Evil. Usury is not , as we have been conditionned, interest rates in excess of 20%. It is all interest. Why? According to the Holy Quran, and the Catholic Initialm bibles, Interest and usury are used interchangeably and called Ribba. It ensures a constant return to any Lender, Rich Man or Corporation , that lends money, effectively shielding
it from Loss, despite Business Cycles, Illness, or any type of Unforeseen Incident. Over time, it litterally ensures Slavery and Enslavement of of the Borrower. Man is entitled to the Fruits of the Earth. If we build a wall around the Orchard, or put a Mortgage on the Orchard, the Human toils away usually working for a pittance.. Interest and Usury is therefore the root cause of all Social Injustice. Governments are paying Billions (around $35 billion a year in Canada ) as Interest to Private Banks., billing each of us in the form of taxes. The Debt, its Compound Interest has limited the margin of manoeuver of Governments to do what's right; The Catholic Religion should be the first to revisit its Teachings and Beliefs about Debt, Interest and Usury or it will be quickly replaced world-wide by the Quran or other religions that prohibit Interest *(ribba). Ribba is also the unjust enrichment of one party over another by buying products in the Futures Market, We see that the Derivatives Bubble is about to blow up, all this is the result of unethical and unsustainable Ribba Operations. Your thoughts?
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