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Hi everyone! I was looking through my old files and [...]

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Hi everyone! I was looking through my old files and came across this essay I wrote dated 4 June 2015. I read it again today and I realized how gradually my ideas changed and established in my conscience over time. Please note that I wrote this during a time when I hadn’t really taken action to help others by educating them with what I knew.

Is Life Just That – a Game?

I came across this article titled ‘Versus’ by Iam Saums on ( a few days ago and I couldn’t agree more with the subject matter. Saum writes about how we have succumbed to competition, pitted against each other in some ‘game’ that has been predetermined even before we were born. This competition drives the forces of today’s globalized world, but have we fully understood the impact of our mindless pursuit of our so-called ’dreams’? To quote Saums in his article:

“Our experience upon this earth has and is massively manipulated. It pits us against our fellow human being in a commonly accepted and dysfunctional community called “society.” This distracts and amuses us away from obtaining the vision, intention and purpose to establish our calling and create our destiny.”

Sometimes I feel that I am in a delusion. I used to wake up and go to school, hoping to absorb enough information to get my homework done and commit to memory the important stuff. Coming from a Chinese-educated background, the school expected you to respect the teachers and obey the rules, study hard and obtain good grades, so that by the time you leave school everyone is proud of you and you are showered with scholarships to pursue your studies. This common mind set spanned the 11 years of my formal education, conditioning me to think of all of this as normal.

But somehow, I knew something wasn’t right. My country, Malaysia had an education system that was inferior compared to other countries. Our over-emphasis on rote-learning made us almost robot-like, following a set program to achieve a fixed result. But I played along, for fear of being labelled a rebel or a heretic.

Once during my final year of high school, I resorted to seek counselling after I felt so pressured during my studies. I had so much homework and so little free time to the extent that I couldn’t handle it anymore. I broke down when I confided in the counselling teacher of a painful memory of me being caned by my primary school teacher for failing to memorize the multiplication table. Subsequent appointments with the counselling teacher made me realize that I was actually doing fine. All the confusion from trying to achieve the desired grade for my future had exhausted me. She advised me to just keep up with my work and everything would play out fine, and it did. I graduated with 6 A’s and 4 B’s during my final exam under my belt.

Looking back now, I see just how absurd the rigged game we call “life” is. I went through my education, full of ambitions to make it big later in life, only to find that the rosy picture someone else painted was a flawed one. We hear of people going through the same education system we went through but later becoming more successful than us. We hear of people who show so much promise early in life but little or no results when they grow older. There are so many paradoxes that people have become numb to the complex reality of everything. But I now see the bigger picture. I know what is happening. Here’s what I had learned after doing some research:

The elite have manipulated us.

That’s right. The elite have played us for fools. We admire the rich and famous because they are what we aspire to be, but they are the ones who laugh at us for even trying. They control what we see in the media, they control what we learn at school and they control our laws and govern our respective countries. They have set up this game where we are pawns doing their bidding. Yet, we go along with every word they say, because without them, we would feel insecure, maybe even powerless.

We need to acknowledge that all is not well in our world. Once you are aware that most of what you see are merely distractions to keep you from looking at the big picture, you will, at least, be mentally free. I could go on and on about how the elite have used us, but that is for another time. What we need to do now is walk away when we know something is not good for us, because something that gives you short-term pleasure may not benefit you on the long run.
Augustine, thank you for doing the due diligence to wake up. I would suggest to you that to "walk away" is the correct solution. To fight against the entrenched system/matrix is a waste of time because the coming economic collapse is inevitable (provable with mathematics) and will destroy the matrix because its' time has come and it's unsustainable. I suggest that the most effective component of the system to walk away from is the fiat money system. Local, usury free currencies, if you can implement such a thing where you live, appears to me to be the best way to achieve several goals; 1 It will enable people to barter stuff locally when the fiat becomes worthless. 2 It will dis-empower the bankers who print money up out of thin air, loan it to us at interest without ever creating the interest, and thus enslave us. 3 It accomplishes this without violence to any bankers. Don't oppose the system, bypass it.
Monday 29 February 2016, 13:54:47
[deleted user]
Exactly Augustine its great to have a choice isnt it. To walk away, bye bye. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. And take all of our power back. I love it;))) thanks so much for this post. A big hug to you
Monday 29 February 2016, 20:25:52
Lorraine H
Smart way of thinking. It took me sometime to realize what going on in this world we live in, but thank God I am now aware, and able to teach my children to make smarter decisions, something my mom never did since she still lives in this matrix world and tends to not be able to wake up to truths. She's a good hatred person and can't seem to believe of such corrupted enteritis.
Monday 29 February 2016, 22:20:46
[deleted user]
I am glad that you all enjoyed the essay! I just wish I could escape the system completely. We are so reliant on it for so many things. It doesn't help that the people around me are still waiting for change (our Prime Minister Najib Razak is in a sticky situation with the recent financial scandals and the next elections aren't until 2018). They still think that by electing the opposition into government (it almost happened in 2013, if it wasn't for gerrymandering in certain states) things would change for the better. But the opposition coalition is weaker than it was before, and I am starting to doubt if they would right the wrongs made by the current (and very corrupt) government, which has been in power for 59 years. The current decline in oil prices is hurting the economy, but nevertheless our country is still considered the fastest growing in Southeast Asia. Malaysia has mostly survived 2008, as it was not really attached to the global economy back then. I think that it's a different story now. Unlike the US, besides conventional banking, we have mostly Islamic banking, which in my opinion, is much more sustainable. (Go look it up. I've once considered transferring my money into an Islamic banking account!) That being said, a lot of these monetary matters are Ponzi schemes, and if the West goes bust, every other country would turn to China and Russia.
Tuesday 1 March 2016, 02:47:26
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