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More proof the CIA (AKA GOOGLE) and or Microsoft are [...]

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More proof the CIA (AKA GOOGLE) and or Microsoft are ramping up whatever they want to do. Especially on the likes of us lot. Just started up my windows 10 laptop and on the startup page of Firefox browser when opened. I saw this in my face.

BBC weather link, Etymology online, Hellboy 2004, Phoenician Queen Elizabeth. I was busy last night. But there is more I never have seen this site yet it is now on my computer (link below). I was quickly searching Hellboy 2004 and I searched fish man vatican (as you do). And I do these things, don't you? Well if not I suggest you do. OK! I saw the Telegraph (UK paper) on my browser link below yet it was not looked up or searched as I checked my history (2 days back) but it was in my face when I opened my browser. What!?! Westwynd you are right. Naffin web link is years old and I could not give a flying you no what about it and would never post it other than what I have now posted here.…
Chase B
google won´t send me password resets oh oh
Wednesday 7 March 2018, 12:01:56
Notice the date three 12s .
Ditch micorsoft PERIOD . Using Microsoft products you are supporting genocide and the depopulation agenda , there other operating systems you can use that is free and a bit safer . And for Apple products just put them in a microwave oven set it on high and cook . RF shielding needed .
Thursday 8 March 2018, 05:19:52
Chase B
I agree I got to move over to Ubunto Linux but finances short on the transfer. I wish Linux would go back to its original intent of open source, transparent computing.
Thursday 8 March 2018, 09:59:58
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