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Old Malden ward open chat: Hi Tom sorry for the [...]

Worcester Park, Greater London
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Old Malden ward open chat: Hi Tom sorry for the delay,internet problems,I agree with what reset are doing,something needs to happen very soon ,before the country is lost.
Tom L
Hi Anthony, I hope you are enjoying the weather, has been pretty good this week.. Anyway, sorry for my delay in getting back to you, for some reason I cant access this site at work and during the evenings there's been a lot of football on

So, about the reset. Initially when I heard about it, their message resonated well with me but just the other day I read something on the internet warning about a global "reset" movement. I read an article on UKColumn and they had their doubts raising some important questions, I watched their video today which was easier to take in.. here's the link:…

A concern of their talks about the actual name "reset" when all what may be required is to reassert our constitution.. I came across another site who talks of that called…

I havent looked at the site in detail but I will be doing so soon.

Some of Resets proposals include similar wording to the UN's Agenda 21 which I found shocking and some politicians have spoke of a "reset" David Miliband in 2010 and the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde.

Im not sure what to think of all of this but I thought it best that I share the information with you. Let's chat again once we both know more.

Speak to you soon.. have a good evening.
Thursday 3 July 2014, 20:02:02
Tom L
(looks like you cant do paragraphs on here)..
Thursday 3 July 2014, 20:02:49
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