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it seems my messy involvement has put off a few [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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it seems my messy involvement has put off a few here is a last post from me..if you want me the email notice dosnt work..[I have replied a few posts but notifications don't seem to get out...anyhow ..[as posted at waking times].This is a short video on how we can act together for peace. Start your own circle today. .

.the basic concept is into small groups with family and known trusted friends..[groups of 5 is suggested..and these 5 chose when to send a spokes attend higher talking circles on specific issues or local actions or local franchise or local projects..

there of course are no immediately obvious solutions so we need the means to talk it out ..then unite our minds for concentrated efforts..say your group comes up..with a plan..each form another sub group of any number..and decide to repeat the can join infinite group circles..

but each has its specific save time and some that come to mind will be those distributing info only..or farming only ..or even neighbour hood security..some might be a member of only the one they feel most intrested in ..others might join in other efforts..each level giving their feed word of mouth or a circle page.

.it might be easier to see in the vidio that is a guide to how the succesfull campains worked in the past..this model has been tried and tested many times and it works..just by each doing the bit they feel passion in doing for others..[it also gives an idea for topics or circles you might care to be involved much as which dont ring your bell…

Visit for more ideas ..there is a members page here to find locals near you to link up with [on the left hand colum..put in an area code and you will be surprised how neatly it all just happens…

I like your ideas. I just arrived in a little town and I will have to live here for a while. It is a farming village and I did not want to live in because I call it Monsanto Land. I know that I am here for a reason and even I do not have my own house for now (I am in someone's place) I will speak to the farmers and villagers and help in here. I really don't know how it will start but I am confident. Thank you one under god for your involvment has you said it. Love, Peony
Friday 24 July 2015, 12:28:52
one under god [on strike/on point]
one thing I have learned peony is we are all in the right places at the right time..and gmo and its farming methodology needs guidance..on the ground...there is so much information on this hot topic..from the 3 rd generations sterility issues just on beasts fed the corn...the over 100.000..dead cotton farmers who went broke via having to buy seeds every year..[by borrowing from the micro lenders who have absurd intrest rates ..who died from drinking the herbicide...because their new gmo cotton lost them their farms the mutated virus actually modifying the its consumers ..even down to teqniques to clean up the soil contaminated the poisen..using hemp ..that could save the region ..even restore the farmlands...its all about informing people that see no other options saving the world..[monsanto seeks to corner the seed market so all food will need to be raised every season by bying their terminator seeds ...really its a rich field that needs to be and to the very ones that it most affects ..collecting stories writing articles vidio clips personal witness...and your in the zone ..right place right time..[the google box with the pre-fix what really happend [then followed with gmo..or cancer/glyphosate or glyphosate sterility..glyphosate deaths ..etc reveals so much info ...your not there to end their farming methods but there to save them and their living ..their life style their kids ..if you have the…
Friday 24 July 2015, 14:02:42
Yes there is no coincidence, I feel it too that I am in the good place anyway because life pushed me here. So much to say and so much to do...I lived in a place for some years and I did my best reviving the land, now I am here. I would love to plant hemp (and it is a good place for it) and some amaranth everywhere. You made me think that I need to prepare some documentation, thank you for that. I would like to participate in the "village assembly" and talk to people and stuff about what is going on here. Most of them really think they are doing something good. And other thing I will have to deal with all the different communities who came from different parts of the world with different languages and stories and everything. And talking is not my best skill but I will do my best with love.
Friday 24 July 2015, 18:47:23
one under god [on strike/on point]
that is all we can do..[with love]..people pick up that we aren't judging them..talking becomes easy when we just listen..and promt them to reveal w are listening..not judging..the best leaders I have met are the ones you know are listening..they don't want your idea of a solution..they really just want to be heard..knowing we really are time they will ask you specific questions..and the words will flow out..because you heard..because you listened and absorbed their every word..the words that emerge will be heard because the majority will have told you the right words..i feel for now just document history collect samples and the means to test soils water etc [I like packaging instructions and trade/papers.+ bulletins and other pamphlet propaganda and cut and paste..and then use their own words via a photo copy the right time..communication is simply the ability to talk their language codes short cuts..just like us gmo..says it all
Saturday 25 July 2015, 05:50:34
one under god [on strike/on point]
synchronicity at work ..[go back a few minutes ..on second thought i will edit the time stamp… ok done cheers
Saturday 25 July 2015, 06:33:17
Thank you for your advice. It is really helpfull. It made me understood something about me.
Monday 27 July 2015, 12:36:36
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